Central America

Since 1998 GCM has worked in Central and South America in the nations of Guatemala, El Salvador, Belize, Columbia, Brazil and Haiti. Actively performing and supporting basic mission work by helping orphanages, providing humanitarian aid, food distribution, education and literacy support as well as disciplining and evangelizing with our partner Equipping the Saints. 

Currently we’re looking to expand our ministry in Central and South America through continued discipleship, evangelism, education, sustainable clean water and agriculture support, orphan care, medical aid and humanitarian aid. Our hope is to launch sustainable mission operations in Panama and from that hub continue to reach north and south to the surrounding countries. We’re currently evaluating new partnerships to aid us in our efforts for projects, specifically through established local churches and missions to work the most effectively in the communities and with the local people.

Current Project Highlights


  • Mission Surveys of 4 orphanages
  • Humanitarian aid support survey of UNOPS Humanitarian Hub in Panama Pacifico International Airport
  • Panama Mission Partner Surveys and evaluations
Central America:
  • Mission Survey and Partner Evaluations:
    -El Salvador
  • Discipleship and training
    -Brazilian and Columbian ETS training of 220 pastors.