GCM has actively participated in African missions in 15 African countries for over 20 years.  Our core mission is to disciple pastors, missionaries, lay people and youth who can transform their local and national communities to bring revival throughout the world.

Over the years GCM has been in Africa, we’ve developed and supported orphanages, slum feedings, work programs, potable water and well projects, medical camps and clinics, revivals and crusades. We work with local partners to create sustainable mission initiatives in agriculture, hydroponics, fish farming and micro business development. 

Our heart for Africa is “On Earth as in Heaven”.  We work to steward all the Lord is doing in Africa, believing we will see sustainable and eternal change that brings growth and transformation to communities that were once sick and starving.

Our current mission projects are a focused on continuing to bring about positive sustainable growth and renewal.

Join us as as we bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to Africa through evangelism, discipleship, humanitarian aid, medical aid, clean water and sustainable missions.

Current Project Highlights

COVID-19 Relief Project

Pandemics hit third world countries particularly hard as they lack the infrastructure, personnel and resources to deal with a health crisis quickly or effectively. GCM working with local and international partners, is bringing relief and ministry to those hit by the COVID-19 Pandemic. Some ways we are involved:

  • Feeding 500 families (average family of 5) in the Kibera Slum in Nairobi, Kenya that are unable to work because of national lockdowns.
  • Training 1,000 disciples by providing material to over 170 leaders in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.
  • Helping the lost and forgotten by providing basic needs such as soap and toilet paper to 20 prisons throughout Kenya. This reaches nearly 40,000 inmates.
  • Feeding over 300 Orphans.

Water Projects
    • Baringo, Kenya. Serving 4 communities
    • Muranga, Kenya. Serving 3 communities
    • Marigat Kenya. Serving 6 communities

  • Latrine Project at Kepri, Island, Baringo Lake, Kenya.
  • Potable Water filtration project Kepri Island, Baringo Lake, Kenya.

Agriculture Projects
  • Sustainable Community Garden Project in Kibera Slum, Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Baringo, Kenya combined with our well projects.
  • Muranga, Kenya combined with our well projects.
  • Marigat Kenya combined with our well projects.

Medical Camps and Revivals
  • 3 day Medical Camp and Revival in Baringo, Kenya 

Estimated Reach: 6,000 Medical Camp, 4,000 Revival

  • 3 day Medical Camp and Revival in Muranga, Kenya

Estimated Reach: 5,000 People to serve for Medical Camp, 6,000 for Revival

  • 2 day Medical Camp in Nairobi, Kenya, Kibera Slum

Estimated Reach: 3,000 Medical Camp

Orphanage Wellness Check and de-worming
  • 300 Orphans
Bible Initiative
  • 30,000 Bibles to confirmed new believers going through ETS training in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.